Why a Writing Practice?

I admit it. I have had an on and off again writing practice for years. And, if you can believe it, I was writing even before I knew how to write.

Let me explain. When I was a little person, I would lay smack down on the lime green bedspread, right next to my mom, the artsy, spirited kind of mom who journaled for hours. Focused, with my fairytale book open, pencil in hand, I took up parallel doodling above the typed words in my book, and pretended I was authoring them. My mom did not care at all. 

At four years old, this was my writing practice. I saw my mom so involved in writing her thoughts out on paper, talking to herself on the page. If my mom was dialoging so intently with a pen and white space, whatever happened there must be important. I wanted to participate in that kind of significance, care, and attention. Who wouldn't? 

Now, way into those middle years of adulthood, I understand why my mom had such an active, dedicated, and connected relationship to writing. The page allowed her to explore, interpret, create, and cultivate a relationship with herself that was nourishing. This personal narrative is one that we all have, a great gift of multi-plotted story lines, filled with problems, turning points, and ups and downs. It is truly something worthy of high level attunement. And I, surely, do not want to miss out. Not only do I want to be fully awake to this kind of experience, but I also want to be fully capable of interpreting and understanding it. 

Thus, in a nutshell, writing has always given me a safe space to be and interpret being. It has never let me down. It is always there for me when I need it most. A writing practice presents a way to understand yourself, express yourself, and curate a quality of life for yourself. 

My own writing practice has allowed me to process and workout complex issues, feelings, emotions, situations, decisions, approaches, problems, conclusions, dialogues, art projects, and ideas. The page has not just provided me with a safe outlet, but it has given me a space to belong to myself and to the world outside of myself. 

There is not one right way to have a writing practice. It's a journey, where you get to choose. It's a free space, a forum for voices and points of view to be seen, heard, interpreted, and felt, which is everybody's birth right, right!? 

Everyone has a unique perspective to share. Come to the page and share it!